I'd sell my soul to McFly if I had one to give

Anonyme asked: hi, thank you so much for that vid of 5sos singing mcfly and busted songs, it makes me so happy to see that younger/newer bands are (somewhat) being influenced by such great musicians :)


Disclaimer: I did not watch every 5SOS Keek, I searched on Twitter and people were tweeting about them. Okay. I don’t have that much time on my hands oop.

THANKS NONNY. Those Keeks are v important. 5SOS mentioning McFly is v important. Anyone citing McFly is v important to me period.

HEY, remember that one time Calum bought Ashton the McFly autobiography for Christmas??? Yes, me too, v important. 


lawl Dougs on his tip toes. ALL OF DA FEELS. (Real talk, when I first saw this picture in 2012, I legit looked at Luke and thought to myself, “Ugh who is this douche.” bc I thought they were in a shitty McFly support band SORRY LUKE 4GIVE ME.)

Souvent la musique me prend comme une mer

—Charles Baudelaire

I don’t think many people really know me. It would probably take someone years and years to really get to know me.❞”- Dougie Poynter (new saint kid collection)

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“Thanks very much to Specsavers for giving me Spectacle Wearer Of The Year 2012. Truly honoured and wearing my specs with pride!”

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